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Peter Klim Ice Hockey Official is your Personal Skating Instuctor

Powerskating camps

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Summer Camp 8/3-7

SUMMER CAMP - AUGUST 3 - 7, 2015, Nashua
2 ice sessions, class, plyometrics, 7 hour day, Mon-Fri

The cost of camp is currently just $375.
Savings are at $75 off the regular cost of camp, but only through MARCH 2015
Camp cost will be incremented by $25 until it reaches $450
A Non-Refundable $99 deposit holds the Incremental price displayed and again that cost is just $375, and yes a $99 deposit holds that price The timestamp locks you into the price displayed at the time. You may pay it off anytime before July 30 with either cash, check, or moneyorder *

* This system is designed to save you a lot of money. Any abuse of these simple requirements will immediately default your camp cost to the maximum of $450 no exceptions. $99 deposit is non-refundable. Payment in full is accepted at any time. Payment in full by-passing deposit may be entitled to full refund, refund requests must be for a valid reason and be in writing and submitted prior to the start of camp. Injury, Sickness, or serious personal matters may all be considered valid reasons. Refunds will be issued after the completion of camp.

Radius Edge Power Skating Director Peter Klim makes learning skating easy covering the finest details in class and by using creative teaching methods on the ice
Radius Edge Power Skating students opening up their stride
Radius Edge Power Skating students practice using good form to develop muscle memory
Radius Edge Power Skating Peter Klim Frozen in FORM during explosive start drill the Plyometric Standing Jump Radius Edge Power Skating Peter Klim Frozen in FORM during explosive start drill the Plyometric Standing Jump
Radius Edge Power Skating student in V-Diamond explosive start position

  • Ice Daily * Jersey * Timed Skating Tests

  • Daily Classroom Training * Plyometrics * Agility Training

Learn the Secrets of Power Skating

  • Unlock your Potential

  • Why Skate Harder?

  • Skate more Efficiently use Less Energy

  • Impress the coaches during Fall Tryouts

  • Explosive Starts

  • Powerful Stride

  • Stop on a Dime
Radius Edge Power Skating, backwards skating

This CAMP will Teach You

  • Forward and Backward Skating

  • Proper Skating Technique

  • Full Leg Extension

  • Toe Snap

  • Arm Movement

  • Body Position

  • Balance and Control

  • Explosive Start

  • Powerful Stride

  • Edges

  • Crossovers

  • Turning

  • Stops
Radius Edge Power Skating skaters skating backwards

Timed skating tests just like the Pros

  • You'll perform complex skating tests

  • Similar to a professional tryout

  • We'll test you on Day 1 and again on Day 5

  • The Stop-Watch tells you all there is to know

  • With our unique skating evaluation

  • You'll see your times improve

  • All in just 5 days !!
Radius Edge Power Skating director Peter Klim uses his own mulimedia presentation with live demonstration prior to your daily ice time

Progressive Class Room Daily

  • New Multimedia presentation and discussion daily

  • Learn the proper methods during class

  • Apply it immediately afterwards on the Ice

  • We'll break down your movements

  • Understand what to do every step of the way

  • Some of you will re-learn how to skate

Different Plyometric routines added daily

  • Stations are made using Logging Timber

  • A great training experience with fresh ideas

  • New Plyometric training exercise everyday

  • Challenging skills designed to enhance your skating

  • Peter Klim's outdoor workout and training

  • Exercises so unique you'll remember them for life

  • Precision bounding with proper weight distribution

  • Can you jump 1 and a half times the length of your body?

  • Can you jump straight up three feet high?

Radius Edge Power Skating instructor Billy Kingdon is closely watched by a student

Teachers always present on & off ice

  • Tending personal attention to your individual needs

  • We assist and instruct you while we skate alongside

  • Off Ice we are always present and available

We strive for your complete satisfaction

  • From our qualified instructors

  • Insightful Classroom Training

  • Plyometric Dry-land Training and teambuilding games

  • To a progressive & comprehensive on ice skating program

  • The On Ice Program is designed by Peter Klim

  • This Program is carefully planned to create your success

  • The Class Lecture program is designed by Peter Klim

  • Each session building on the previous and then recap

  • The experience is synchronized for optimal results

  • In other words you'll understand it in class

  • Then try your new ideas in a no-pressure environment

  • We deliver a superior product

  • All at a sensible price

I'll See you on the ice !
Director / Owner : Peter Klim

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Revised - February 17 2015


Why a Radius-Edge camp?

  • We Specialize in our Niche

  • Focus on Skating Development

  • Detailed Skating Instruction

  • Preferred method of skating

  • Form, Technique, Mechanics

Our Target Audience

  • The average hockey family

  • From Nashua Concord Manchester

  • Groton Chelmsford Billerica

  • Dracut Tyngsboro

  • Dunstable Pepperell

  • Lowell Acton Waltham

  • Bedford Westford Littleton

  • Hollis Greenville Milford

  • Salem Hudson Pelham

  • Londonderry Derry Hampstead

  • Chester Auburn Goffstown

  • Bedford Hooksett Bow

  • With Boys and Girls Ages 7-15

  • Mite Squirt Peewee plus 13yo

  • Who want to improve skating

  • Who love the game of hockey

  • Who like a fun challenge

  • Who show a desire to learn

  • Appreciate their own hard work

What You WILL Get

  • Exceptional skating instruction

  • By the unique combination of

  • Referee and Player experience

  • Qualified Adult Instructors

  • Who can perform every Drill

  • A cost that fits your budget

  • 4 hours of classroom education

  • All on their favorite topic

  • Visual, Lecture, Demonstration

  • ON ICE training

  • OFF ice training

  • Agility Training, Plyometrics

  • Self Competitive Exercises

  • Using time, height and length

  • Off-season conditioning drills

We want Good Kids

  • We want smiling happy campers

  • Who can't wait to skate

  • Enjoy challenging their abilities

  • All the while having FUN

13 Years of Camps

  • We see many skaters return

  • Read our Testimonials

  • Parents love us

  • You'll never forget this camp

  • Exercising outdoors

  • Measuring distances, heights

  • Challenging yourself physically

  • Challenging yourself mentally

  • All the while getting stronger

  • Gaining firsthand knowledge

  • Through Educational Training

  • Through increasing complexity

  • Step outside your Comfort Zone

  • Radius Edge Camps and clincs