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Power Skating for Teams and Organizations 2019-2020

Peter Klim Ice Hockey Official is your Personal Skating Instuctor
Boston Bruins Patrice Bergeron wearing Reebok hockey gear
San Jose Sharks Jumbo Joe Thornton wearing CCM hockey gear

Power Skating

For Youth Organizations

Radius Edge Welcomes ...

Oyster River Cats Youth Hockey

2019-2020 Oyster River Cats

2019-2020 New England Edge

2019-2020 New Hampshire East Eagles

We Teach Skating !

Organizations who previously have sought our services:
  • Oyster River Youth Hockey - Durham NH, 2017-16-15-14-13
  • NHE Eagles Squirts - Exeter NH, 2017-16
  • Londonderry High School - Londonderry NH, November 2015
  • Concord Capital Girls U14 - Concord NH, Fall 2015
  • Northern Cyclones Squirt Selects - Hudson NH, 2015
  • Soughegan Varsity Girls - Hudson NH- Cyclones Ice Arena, 2013
  • Daniel Webster College - Nashua NH - Conway Ice Arena, 2013
  • Manchester Flames Organization - Manch NH, 2012-11-10
  • Salem Saints Organization - Salem NH - Icenter, 2009-08-07
  • Manchester Jr. Monarchs Squirts - Hooksett NH
  • Keane Cobras PeeWee 1 - Keane NH
To all Youth Coaches, if you would like Radius Edge to provide your players with a comprehensive well structured Power Skating program we can help.

We will make your players better skaters!

We provide a solution for proper progressive Power Skating training to your players.

Introducing proper skating training starting at an early age has a tremendous impact when combined with a skaters natural ability.

Spread the training through all teams in your organization and now imagine the results.

A successful organization at all levels of competition.

With proper skating training you ensure as a team that everyone uses correct techniques optimizing that critical element for their game.

It doesn't matter what age level or what competitive ability.

We'll tailor a program to suit your teams needs and schedule.

Power Skating Demo & Lecture

Power Skating Class of youth hockey players being taught by Instructor Peter Klim

We run a Coaches Clinic

First Radius Edge Instructors discuss key elements to all coaches
We CAN start the year by training the coaches first.
This is tremendously beneficial for the coach, his team, and the organization overall.

Why do we do this?
  1. We feel the coaches should experience the skating training themselves to develop that first hand knowledge that only comes with professional training and actual skating.
  2. They will know what to look for in their young skaters during games and practices and use that knowledge to make the necessary adjustments as needed
Photos courtesy of Salem Saints Youth Hockey organization
All coaches get professional training which is a tremendously beneficial experience for the individual, the team, the organization.
Salem Saints Coaching Director Rob Krekorian works on technique and form

On ICE Cost

Unlimited participants on your practice ICE costs start at $100 hour, and go up with additional staff, $140(2), $175(3)
Special arrangements with schedule and costs all negotiable.

The more participants on the ice only means more experiences they'll share learning and growing together as teammates.

If you are interested in a clinic for your team
click here for our contact information.

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Why use Radius Edge?

  • We Specialize in our Niche

  • Focus on Skating development

  • Detailed Skating Instruction

  • Preferred Skating Style

  • Stride specific skills

  • Fluid skating movement

  • Efficient use of energy

  • Optimization of body movement

  • We have been teaching since 2003

Our Target Audience

  • Youth Organizations in

  • Southern New Hampshire

  • Mites thru Midgets

  • Looking for skating instruction

  • Stride specific Power Skating


  • A combination of both ideoligies

  • North American training plus

  • Eastern European training

  • Creating an exceptional experience

  • while providing excellence in service


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  • Technique Mechanics Performance

  • The Real Deal