Radius Edge Power Skating LLC.

Our Power Skating Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Dedication and Technique

Find your center and you can do anything !

Our Philosophy: Dedication and Technique, lies in the belief that proper skating Technique and a Dedicated work ethic bring out the best in each skater.

To be the best player, FORM and TECHNIQUE is the start. Speed and power release soon after.

All drills are done for a specific reason.

We at Radius Edge believe demonstrating, and continuous drills will develop the player to be a more efficient and more powerful skater.

Our drills are shown at a slow pace at first so the skater can develop the proper technique, once that is mastered then speed will enhance that skater.

Each skaters style will vary yet the basic TECHNIQUE remains the same.

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Form and Technique

  • We Specialize in our Niche

  • Focus on Skating development

  • Slow and steady wins the race

  • Start slowly

  • Get it right

  • Increase speed

  • Create good habits

  • Develop muscle memory