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Power Skating School

Summer Camp Nashua NH

We have 6 spots remaining for this camp

Van Martin practices his evasive movements during a session with Radius Edge Power Skating

July 26 - 30, 2021 at the Conway Arena

Mites/Squirts 10:10-12:20pm

Peewee/Bantam 10:10-12:50pm

Registration ON SALE $325

This is our five day condensed camp:
10:10am - 12:20pm / 2 hours ten minutes per event
Ice resurfacing half way through program
10-12.5 hours ice time
USA Hockey ADM age specific progressions
Speedster Lightning cords
Bushnell Radar, 10-200 MPH
Target Shooting
Stick checking, angling, body contact, checking
Stickhandling, fakes and dekes
Evasive skating with the puck
Stride, posture, forms
American, Canadian, Swedish, Ukraine, Russian skating reinforcement exercises

What to expect

Goaltender development instruction by Robert Morel

Goaltenders will receive personal training during the first half of our program followed by live action in the nets with our shooting and game situational stations

Goaltender details of instruction
  • SPECIFIC GOALIE SKATING DRILLS, Explosive speed work in crease, Balance & Agility work, Development of all mobility skills

  • STANCE DEVELOPMENT, Proper balance in stance, Correct position of gloves, Explosive recoveries, Butterfly Development

  • ANGLES, Ability to fill in space and challenge shooter, Squaring to the puck

  • ADDITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS, Rebound Control / Lateral Slides / Use of stick Breakaways / Basket Saves / Butterfly saves Wrap arounds / Situation behind the net / Catching Glove and Stick saves

  • Goaltenders will receive personal training followed by live action in the nets with our shooting and games situational stations. Max. 6 goalies.

Player development instruction by Peter Klim and the talented Radius Edge Staff
  • We will provide skating, forms and exercises as well as skills
  • Prior to pandemic this program offered daily classroom lecture with power point and video lessons, 4 hours of on ice instruction plus 2 hours dryland/plyometric exercising
  • You will always get skating forms at our camps and this program features the most of all our programs. Some are stationary but most moving. Forms are such a critical part of proper skating development. Even the NHL players seek the professional eye of a power skating instructor to identify where they can improve. We run forms exercises in progression for all levels to explore and progressively develop.
  • We'll spend the 1st half of our ice session in stations. Ice formats and layouts vary, I typically will have 1 full ice length station 200 feet long for creative skating development, overspeed lightning cords or resistance bands, rapid and long striding, breakaways, gaining momentum with armswing.
  • Power Skating, Forms, edges, balance and control, rapid and long stride, over speed, forward lateral diagonal backwards, stops, crossovers, pivots, and so much more
  • The second half we use many of the skating forms from the 1st half and progress with pucks and goalies into a more competitive atmosphere
  • Checking passing stickhandling shooting scoring breakaways dekes fakes escapes puck-protection and evasive methods and more
  • Checking: Angling, stick check, poke check, stick lift, pass blocking. shot blocking, body contact, shoulder check, hip check, checking and applicable rules
  • Passing, various types of passing, skating and passing(timing skills), self passes using boards
  • Stickhandling stationary and dynamic, individual puck control, hand eye coordination, dekes fakes, slow, fast, wide, narrow, toe drags, the ghost, Eberle, Pastanak, Marchand, Orr, Savard, Gretzky, Ruzicka and more
  • Shooting, wrist, snap, backhander, chip, flip, knuckler, slap, half slap, trick shots, rebounds, one timers, and more
I'll see you on the ice

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Radiius Edge Power Skating instructor Dante Goldner demonstrates a Heel Stops exercise at a Radius Edge Power Skating clinic

Radiius Edge Power Skating instructor Kyle Greer pauses for a photo opportunity with several younger players at a Radius Edge Power Skating clinic. During the pandemic coaches wore Bauer concept III face shields on top of normal face coverings as a means of player safety.
Power Skating resistance training drill at summer camp 2106

Peter Klim Shoots the Duck at Radius Edge Power Skating Summer Camp

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The ice appears like glass at Conway Ice Arena in Nashua New Hampshire. Conway Arena is host to Radius Edge Power Skating year round private lesson.
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Revised - July 23, 2021
Spring 2021 Skills METRICS are in
DATES: April 11 to June 6 2021
Timed Skating Exam - TRYOUT COURSE
Numbers are recoreded in seconds
Skaters are listed alphabetically
Review your scores here
MITES/SQUIRTS = 100% improvement

PEEWEE/BANTAM = 90% improvement

Summer Skills July 18-Aug 22
camp in progress...

Nashua Camp July 26-30, 2021
Players and Goalies
Goalies 2 spots available
Players 6 spots remaining
This camp has 2.5 hours ice
Training players from these fine organizations NE Edge, Stars, Cyclones, Crusaders, Wizards, Wildcats, Riverhawks, Cobras, Monarchs, Avalance, Flames

Most programs are held at
Conway arena Nashua NH
All levels boys girls age 7-17
1 year in organized play minimum

All Registrations

Print sign and bring day 1
Covid-19 risk waiver
Print sign and bring day 1
Injury liability waiver

Required reading
Covid-19 Radius Edge information
Required reading
Covid-19 Conway Arena guidelines

Mandatory Screening FORM
Covid-19 online screening FORM is a
requirement to enter Conway arena

While participating please adapt to
social distancing whether it be....
  • In registration line

  • Inside the designated dressing area

  • Lining up to get on the ice

  • Lining up for drills

  • Lining up to exit the ice

  • Water breaks

  • Group discussions

  • On Bench

Power Skating Warmup 15 Athletic Exercises
Power Skating Warmup 180 Jumps
Power Skating Warmup, 180 Jumps
Power Skating Warmup leg isolation
Power Skating Warmup, Leg isolation
Power Skating Warmup Balance
Power Skating Warmup, balance and form
Power Skating Leg Loads Exercise
Power Skating Leg Loads Exercise
Power Skating Stride Form Technique Mechanics
Power Skating Sliding Core Exercises
Power Skating Sliding Core Exercises
Power Skating Open Hip Exercises
Power Skating Open Hip Exercises
Power Skating Dryland The Russian Box
Power Skating Dryland, The Russian Box
Power Skating The Drunken Sailor Dance
Power Skating The Drunken Sailor Dance
Power Skating Radius Edge and Chabot Hockey
Apres Skating in EXETER with CHABOT HOCKEY
Power Skating Dryland Group Stretch
Power Skating Dryland Group Stretch

NEW: Stay at home

Exercising at home videos
lesson 1 Forms Basics 101
Lesson 2 Forms & Agililty 102
Lesson 3 Forms & Agility 102
Lesson 4 Forms Power Agility 102
Lesson 5 Stick Hand Eye control 102
Lesson 6 Core training 102
Lesson 7 All about your stick
Lesson 8... coming this week