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North Shore clinic, Beverly 2021

Posponed due to PANDEMIC

June 28, 29, 30, July 1, 2021

1 hour off ice, 2 hours on ice, 3 hours training per evening
Raymond J Bourque Arena, Beverly Massachusetts

What to expect at our weekly clinic

  • Each training day you can expect...
  • A talented knowledgable helpful staff to assist you
  • Off ice..... plyometrics, dynamic stretching, forms technique mechanics of stride
  • Use of all speed and power training aids and props
  • Overspeed lightning cords, power skater dryland trainer, trampoline, vertical jump
  • Russian box, slideboards, resistance sprinting, reaction training, medicine ball
  • Discover skating specific exercises seldom practiced nor found elsewhere

  • We'll spend the 1st half of our ice session with Peter Klim Power Skating
  • We progress properly and quickly
  • We use stations for more more repetitions, also full ice skating lanes for striding
  • Overspeed training consists of long sprints, short bursts, restarts, crossovers

  • During this 1st hour all goaltenders receive personal training with Louis Chabot

  • We'll spend the 2nd half of our ice session developing game skills
  • Checking, shooting, stickhandling, passing
  • Individual tactical skills, and group oriented drills, game simulation drills

  • Peter Klim, Louis Chabot and our superb Radius Edge staff will see you on the ice!

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NEW: Stay at home

Exercising at home video's
lesson 1 Forms Basics 101
Lesson 2 Forms & Agililty 102
Lesson 3 Forms & Agility 102
Lesson 4 Forms Power Agility 102
Lesson 5 Stick Hand Eye control 102
Lesson 6 Core training 102
Lesson 7... coming this week

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